Nowadays the solar electrical energy produced on the rooftops is usually sold to the grid. There are two reasons for this:

  • Attractive feed-in tariffs stimulate the owners in many countries to sell
  • Solar power plant produces the majority of electricity during daylight hours, when you aren't home.

But this is starting to change.

Feed-in tariffs are being reduced and the electricity from the grid is becoming more expensive. Some countries are starting to promote the consumption of solar generated energy within the house.

In Germany, the world's largest PV market, you get 8 euro cents more each per each kWh of PV electricity that you use in your house. This additional self-consumption or Eigenverbrauch bonus is granted if you use more than 30% of your solar electricity.

Example calculation for rooftop solar plant in Germany:
Installed PV power: 6 kWp
Annual specific yield: 950 kWh / kWp
Annual yield: 5700 kWh
Self consumption ratio: 50%
Additional annual revenues: 251€*

This additionaI revenues due to self-consumption bonus are calculated in comparison to scenario when you sell electricity 100% to the grid. This bonus gives you more than 5.000€ additional revenues in 20 years.

Yet, how can you manage to consume 50% of PV electricity within your house, when there is such a mismatch in time between solar power generation and your actual needs?

Smart technology solution can help you.

Learn how to maximize your on-site consumption with Sun IQ

* Calculation is based on electricity price 0,22€/kWh + 0,08€/kWh self consumption bonus

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