Sun IQ@home enables you to consume as much of your solar electrical energy as possible within your house. You configure the operation of appliances according to your needs. Sun IQ takes care that the appliances are put into operation, when there is solar electrical energy available.

Sun IQ@home connects to electrical power meters and gets information about the generated and consumed electrical energy within the house. In addition to visualization of energy flow Sun IQ automatically controls the operation of household appliances, taking care for the optimal start time. The unused electrical solar energy is sold to the grid or can be stored into a battery.

Typically you would connect to Sun IQ household appliances like washing machine, electrical heater and cooler, heat pump, dish washer, dryer and similar.

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The basic Sun IQ@home Optimizer kit consists of:

Intuitive graphical user interface to configure household appliances, power meters and to set-up schedules for appliances. You see the energy flow and your savings. You can use your home PC for Sun IQ interface or install a special wall mounted touch-screen terminal in your house.
Sun IQ connects to electrical power meters measuring the energy generated by your solar power plant. Optionally Sun IQ can get data and information directly from solar inverter.
Sun IQ connects to bidirectional electrical power meter measuring the energy that you buy from the grid and sell to the grid.
You can configure up to 5 power meters in the basic Sun IQ kit.
Sun IQ Controler with preinstalled application software. It communicates with all elements in the system and coordinates their operation. You can connect up to 8 appliances to the basic system of Sun IQ kit.
Specially designed switch installed at the appliance to prepare and setup mode of operation ( MANUAL, SUNNY ) of each appliance and to see status ( STAND-BY, IN OPERATION, COMPLETED ) locally. It might be unfeasible to install the switch at some appliances – for instance at the dish-washer in the kitchen. No problem! In this case you can set up the operation of applicance at the Sun IQ graphical screen.
Sun IQ can control the connection to battery charger. It will store the exceeding solar electrical power which you cannot consume. You can use the stored energy when the price of electricity form the grid is high.

Sun IQ@home is ready to install and easy to use product. No programming is needed.

Do you want to learn more how to shape your energy use with Sun IQ?
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